Really Good People was founded by Joanne Malatesta in 2020.

The world was locking down because of COVID and Joanne was working as the grocery buyer for ST. ALi Coffee.

She and her team did the ‘pivot’ and built a fully-fledged online grocer selling the very best products founded by local producers and some stand-out imported goods.

One of those was Dutch-based business, GinMayo.

When Joanne discovered the tubes of creamy goodness, she looked them up and before you could say, ‘hold the mayo,’ became their Australian distributor.

With the GinMayo hustle on-the-go, then came Chotto Motto Crispy Chilli Oil. Joanne asked, “Do you need a distributor?”. They said “yes”.

Another couple of products later, Joanne moved on from her role at ST. ALi to establish Really Good People- a food distribution business with a carefully curated portfolio of products that work really well side-by-side.



Really Good People quickly gained the reputation for being the distributor with “all the cool stuff”.

We are people focused, we’ve developed a community with our suppliers and customers where we can network, work together, share insights and foster a sense of support in the industry.

We have a collaborative approach to product development, supporting small producers to become retail ready and working with our key accounts to develop new products.

We understand the importance of good brands.

We are Really Good People; we work with other really good people, and we love how really good it all is.